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passive / пассивный, страдательный, инертный
имя прилагательное
passive, dormant, quiescent, effortless, floppy, tame
inert, rare, noble, inactive, passive, sluggish
inactive, supine, passive, inoperative, vacuous, sluggish
passive, unenterprising, inert, wanting in initiative
имя существительное
страдательный залог
passive voice, passive
пассивная форма
имя прилагательное
accepting or allowing what happens or what others do, without active response or resistance.
the women were portrayed as passive victims
denoting or relating to a voice of verbs in which the subject undergoes the action of the verb (e.g., they were killed as opposed to he killed them ).
But the framers set a grammatical conundrum for us when they put the main clause in the passive voice: ‘shall not be infringed’.
имя существительное
a passive form of a verb.
It was thought to be characterized by a fairly high proportion of such features as subordinate clauses, adjectives, the pronoun I and passives .
I expected that the passive design would require a greater cooling surface area - or at least, metal tubing instead of plastic hoses to provide better thermal dissipation.
The Nernst equation indicates whether passive K + uptake can be mediated by ion channels or if there is a need for carrier-mediated transport.
For example one might expect that a glazed cavity like this would be used for passive solar heating or ventilation.
Cooling the SiS645 northbridge is a silver, passive heatsink.
Use active verbs - but don't dismiss the passive .
Clad in mirrored glass over a uniform space frame, the design boasts passive solar heating and wind cooling obtained through operable strips of ventilating windows.
In winter, the passive system makes use of the buffer zone for cooling and the mechanical system provides heating.
The general pattern appears to be that the unmarked, active voice acts as a same function category, while the marked, passive voice indicates a switch in function.
Space heat is primarily passive solar with a 7 kW central wood fireplace as back-up
Instead, the memo I circulated to the faculty was firmly rooted in the third person and utilized the passive voice.