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passion / страсть, увлечение, страстность
имя существительное
passion, desire, lust, love, ardor, fervor
enthusiasm, passion, interest, devotion, crush, rage
passion, vehemence, blood
excitement, passion, ardor, heat, ardour
enthusiasm, passion, ardor, steam, elation, will
выражать страсть
чувствовать страсть
имя существительное
strong and barely controllable emotion.
a man of impetuous passion
the suffering and death of Jesus.
meditations on the Passion of Christ
modern furniture is a particular passion of Bill's
He watched her face as their passion became more intense.
And if we had to depend on reason and reproductive technology rather than sexual passion to produce the next generation, we'd be in trouble.
I knew they would get somewhere - the passion in Isaiah's voice when he sang was too strong to let him stay in Carmel for the rest of his life.
Himalayan Enfielders, now nearly a year old with about 70 members, is a forum for people who have a passion for biking in Kathmandu.
And he's got his horses, which he breeds for racing, and a passion for good wine.
the English have a passion for gardens
Perhaps those who still crave sexual passion after 60 didn't get enough of it when they were younger.
Passion is essential for this strong commitment, without passion there is no real direction and vision is short-lived.
This obvious political charade does not engender strong passion .