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passible / чувствительный, способный чувствовать, способный страдать
имя прилагательное
sensitive, delicate, susceptible, sensory, feeling, passible
способный чувствовать
способный страдать
имя прилагательное
capable of feeling or suffering; susceptible to sensation or emotion.
only the humanity of Jesus is regarded as passible
Do you allot the suffering to him alone, fending it off from God the Word to avoid God's being declared passible ?
Those advocating a passible God, Weinandy claims, have ‘locked suffering within God's divine nature, [and] in so doing, locked God out of human suffering.’
The Stoics ruled out divine passibility because they regarded imperturbability as a virtue, and God must be the supreme example of it.
Adams is not, however, inclined to rest her case for this point on divine passibility per se.