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passenger / пассажир, седок, неспособный член
имя существительное
passenger, fare
rider, passenger, passenger in a coach
неспособный член
имя существительное
a traveler on a public or private conveyance other than the driver, pilot, or crew.
The driver and his passengers escaped unhurt when the brick was thrown through a small side window.
he had been a superlative teacher but his health was gone and he was now a passenger
Only three hours after his last drink the pilot flew his passenger jet back to the UK.
As the car had landed on the passenger side, the driver was suspended in mid-air by his seat belt.
Long gone are the days when such vehicle and passenger ferries meant basic travel.
Sam was in the rear of the car; the driver and one other passenger suffered minor injuries.
A passenger escaped serious injury after a bus was attacked on a Keighley estate.
Fire crews used cutting equipment to remove the driver and passenger doors from the Fiat Brava.
The male driver of the hit and run vehicle had a female passenger travelling with him.
passenger ferry
By the greatest good luck no one was hurt, but the driver and his passengers must have been terrified.