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passage / прохождение, проход, отрывок
имя существительное
passage, passing, transit
pass, passage, aisle, passageway, gangway, access
passage, excerpt, fragment, snippet, place, sketch
принимать вправо или влево
cross, intersect, cross over, traverse, pass, passage
двигаться боком
имя существительное
the act or process of moving through, under, over, or past something on the way from one place to another.
there were moorings for boats wanting passage through the lock
a narrow way, typically having walls on either side, allowing access between buildings or to different rooms within a building; a passageway.
The house is old and creaky, stairs to half-floors leading from narrow rooms and confusing passages as if designed by M.C. Escher.
the process of transition from one state to another.
an allegory on the theme of the passage from ignorance to knowledge
a short extract from a book or other printed material.
he picked up the newspaper and read the passage again
a movement performed in advanced dressage and classical riding, in which the horse executes a slow elevated trot, giving the impression of dancing.
subject (a strain of microorganisms or cells) to a passage.
each recombinant virus was passaged nine times successively
As the game ebbed and flowed there was little to choose between the sides, but York extended their lead just before half time when a good passage of play involving backs and forwards brought a second try for the speedy Kama.
In an effort to push forward early passage of the Financial Res-tructuring Fund bill, the Ministry of Finance has asked banks to exert pressure on the legislature.
The conclusion of Quinn's passage results in complete transformation.
This is considered the final hurdle for the bill's passage , as approval is considered certain in the Senate.
Despite this passage of time, the contents of these documents have immense relevance to the current policies of the US government.
The advisory assumes significances amid reports that efforts are on to secure the safe passage of three Indians being held hostage there.
The sea is subject to far more turbulent weather and the coast offers few places of shelter for the vessels that have been making passage here since boats were invented.
Ask yourself if it would have lead to an effective strategy for countering the enemy or ending the safe passage they had through-out Afghanistan?
In that case, the bill's passage to a second reading is inevitable.
the species occurs regularly on passage