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passable / проходимый, удовлетворительный, сносный
имя прилагательное
passable, permeable, negotiable, fordable, pervious, practicable
satisfactory, satisfying, fair, passable, tolerable
passable, bearable, tolerable, reasonable, middling, respectable
имя прилагательное
just good enough to be acceptable; satisfactory.
he spoke passable English
(of a route or road) clear of obstacles and able to be traveled along or on.
the road was passable with care
He plays a vital role travelling ahead of us to check our intended route is safely passable and helping anyone who falls overboard.
A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said Whitby and Scarborough were the worst hit areas but all main roads were passable with care.
‘There were some passable wines but, in general, this was a shocking experience,’ one taster said.
They speak fluent French, passable German, and have notions of Spanish.
It's a passable presentation, with dialogue, effects, and music mixed equally.
For your information, I thought it was perfectly passable , and nasty enough, without being too scary.
The streets were so choked with sellers and shoppers alike that oftentimes only one lane of the street was passable for cars.
My old jacket isn't even real tweed but only a passable imitation.
The rebuilding should make the roads passable this planting season as well as make it easier for possible rehabilitation next year.
Yes, things have changed and changed for the better and now rural people have acquired auto means of transport because roads are passable .