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pass / пасс, пас, передача
имя существительное
broadcast, transfer, transmission, gear, pass, delivery
pass, penetrate, go, run, cover, go by
pass, transmit, transfer, send, convey, communicate
go, proceed, turn, pass, transfer, cross
имя существительное
an act or instance of moving past or through something.
repeated passes with the swipe card
a successful completion of an examination or course.
a 100 percent pass rate
a card, ticket, or permit giving authorization for the holder to enter or have access to a place, form of transportation, or event.
All personnel on duty in Portsmouth for the duration of the festival will get special passes giving free access.
(in football, soccer, hockey, and other games) an act of throwing, kicking, or hitting the ball or puck to another player on the same team.
The players were subdued, passes went astray, and the game lost any intensity.
a state or situation of a specified, usually bad or difficult, nature.
this is a sad pass for a fixture that used to crackle with excitement
move or cause to move in a specified direction.
he passed through towns and villages
go past or across; leave behind or on one side in proceeding.
she passed a rest area with a pay phone
(of time or a point in time) elapse; go by.
the day and night passed slowly
transfer (something) to someone, especially by handing or bequeathing it to the next person in a series.
your letter has been passed to Mr. Rich for action
(of a candidate) be successful in (an examination, test, or course).
she passed her driving test
The player that opened with a pass may respond by doubling the bid, in which case the usual procedure is followed.
He presumes that everything would pass to me and that I would have no Inheritance Tax liability.
The trials involve the delivery of stores and up to 90 British paratroopers from a single pass .
He seemed to touch down in the corner only for the referee to rule it out, appearing to indicate that the final pass had been forward.
a 100 percent pass rate
In college, the goal is not only to pass the course but hopefully remember some of it for the rest of your life.
Coffey argues that this was always possible when the existing fish pass at the Weir was properly maintained.
They include those who come down from University with no other qualification than a pass degree and perhaps a Blue, and no prospects whatsoever.
He drew the cover defence to pass to Johnny McGahan who ran half the pitch to score near the posts.
It was agreed in the event of either death the estate of the deceased would pass to the survivor.