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pashmina / пашмины
имя существительное
fine-quality material made from goat's wool.
The markets are great places to purchase leather bags, belts and jackets, jewellery, pashminas , stationary and accessories.
I take a cardigan and a pashmina , because on many planes you can freeze to death from the air conditioning.
Their uniform of choice this season appears to be, for ladies, a pashmina wrapped around the neck tightly enough to prop up one's chin, worn with the skimpiest vest top.
Anyone who knows me will be most amused by that particular purchase - and let's face it, anyone who doesn't will probably be wondering when I'm going to get around to buying a pashmina .
I must say it was very cunning of that MP sitting behind Brown to co-ordinate her pashmina with the contents of the missiles. [Yes, I know I'm a bit late on the uptake].
‘Goodness no, I couldn't live in it,’ she says, hauling Moses onto her hip and wrapping him up in a pashmina .
Yes, my class-seeking desperados, pashmina as a shawl has passed its prime!
I bit my tongue but slipped my pink pashmina and kitten-heeled flip flops back into the wardrobe.
A secret pocket containing a sachet of natural, moth-repelling herbs ensures that your pashmina will emerge from the summer smelling sweet, rather than reeking of a musty old attic.
Five minutes later, five Euros lighter, Lindsey flushed with pride as all admired her pashmina .
So pay no attention to the women behind the pashmina .