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partridge / куропатка, серая куропатка
имя существительное
partridge, hen
серая куропатка
имя существительное
a short-tailed game bird with mainly brown plumage, native to Eurasia.
Raptors are known to prey on game species, such as quails, partridges , pheasants and rabbits.
But after ordering partridge with red cabbage and creamed potato for £17, I picked my target.
There were also a number of snipe, woodcock, and red legged partridge taken.
A group of partridge exploded out from a nearby grassy knoll.
Rare orchids bloom in the island's interior and the game season from September to March brings hunters to the forests looking for duck, pigeon, and partridge .
Then thoroughly rub each partridge with a lemon quarter so that they are well seasoned with lemon juice, particularly over their breasts.
The fact that a new genus of partridge was formally described just three years ago tells how little is known about a large percentage of the species in that group.
Saddle of venison with garden golden turnips and an elderberry sauce and roasted partridge with braised red cabbage, celeriac and truffle foam were among the delights on the menu.
Think roast partridge with wild mushrooms followed by a little pot of chocolate rosemary.
The club released almost 50 partridge into the wild this year, thus re-stocking a breed which has become almost extinct in the area.
We see deer and moose crossing the meadow, we have partridge on the driveway, we see foxes regularly.