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partnership / сотрудничество, товарищество, компания
имя существительное
cooperation, collaboration, partnership, contribution
partnership, company, fellowship, camaraderie, comradeship, comradery
company, bunch, party, partnership, gang, crew
имя существительное
the state of being a partner or partners.
we should go on working together in partnership
It was clear they were having a problem so we offered, in partnership with other bodies, to sort them out together.
This can only be effectively done in partnership with credible nongovernmental groups.
the partnership now owns 22 department stores
Team member Jane is assisting members of the partnership in setting up the post and gaining support from the local business community.
The year-long initiative, delivered by the centre in partnership with the BBC, will strengthen and develop the existing skills of the nine experienced programme makers.
The event is one of a series organised by the parochial church council thanks to sponsorship from the Local Heritage Initiative in partnership with the Nationwide Building Society and the Countryside Agency.
That is why the Yorkshire Post has launched the Hidden Disability appeal, in partnership with the National Autistic Society which runs the school.
The homes were built through a partnership between Basildon Community Housing Association, part of the Swan Housing Group, Basildon Council, Essex County Council and Barratts.
Pills keep him functioning and a professional partnership with boyish protégé Frank allows him to earn a tidy living.
If the business is a sole proprietorship or a partnership , the money could be considered a loan that you will pay back by an agreed-to time and at an agreed-to interest rate.