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partly / частично, отчасти, частью
partially, partly, part, in part, fractionally, partway
partly, part, somewhat, some, sort of, in some measure
part, partly, in part
to some extent; not completely.
the result is partly a matter of skill and partly of chance
This is partly based on grounds of public safety on the advice of the relevant authorities.
She is currently working on her third novel that will be partly based in the North of England.
The land is partly designated for housing, partly for education and is part open space.
The causes of asthma are not fully known but it is partly an allergic condition.
The turnout was so good partly because of the weather and partly because the event is so well known now.
This is partly because the squad has so many young players, but it is also a testimony to his quality.
I think in general people found it very funny and that indeed was partly the intention.
you're only partly right
When I moved to Scotland it was partly to do with wanting to enjoy the Scottish culture.
you're only partly right