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partition / раздел, перегородка, разделение
имя существительное
section, divide, partition, division, parcelling, charter
partition, septum, baffle, bulkhead, baffle plate, diaphragm
separation, division, divide, partition, segregation, differentiation
divide, share, separate, split up, partition, share in
dismember, break down, partition, disarticulate, cut open, disjoint
share, divide, carve, partition, whack, share out
имя существительное
(especially with reference to a country with separate areas of government) the action or state of dividing or being divided into parts.
the country's partition into separate states
divide into parts.
an agreement was reached to partition the country
But he nonetheless urges the extension of partition and provides a rationale for the continued separation of the two states.
We partition the world into various groups, cliques, and worlds.
Fig. 10 A shows the water-membrane partition equilibrium of the monomer.
Doubts had been raised about Mr Hain's involvement with the ‘Time To Go’ movement and comments he made about partition during the 1970's.
this takes a copy of hard disk partition information during installation
partition off part of a large bedroom to create a small bathroom
In 1905, the British partitioned Bengal into Muslim and Hindu areas, but the partition lasted only until 1912.
In 1947 partition divided their homeland and those finding themselves in Pakistan suffered terrible losses making their way to India.
According to Mr Hyland, five walls designed to partition the car park had been demolished, presumably by joyriders.
So why should it surprise us that Nato and the UN thought the best thing for Kosovo would be first to partition Serbia and Kosovo, second to partition the towns within Kosovo?