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particularize / вдаваться в подробности, подробно останавливаться
вдаваться в подробности
go into details, elaborate, enter into details, go into particulars, particularize, amplify
подробно останавливаться
dwell, dwell on, particularize
mention or describe particularly; treat individually or in detail.
he was unable to particularize what amounts he had paid and when
We want to make sure that system is even more refined and the secretary has even more responsibility - pardon me, authority to regionalize and particularize the information.
he was the first to particularize themes in the poetry
he was unable to particularize what amounts he had paid and when
But the painting is also an elaborate joke: this casual encounter not only particularizes the Greek myth of man's harnessing of fire, but it's also a send-up.
Devoted to the portrayal of young people, Dawoud Bey increasingly particularizes the humanity of his subjects, a feat more easily said than done.
Such is the way with decayed corridors and vast, ever-expanding halls: a tangible indeterminacy transpires in which particularization erodes.
She decries this particularization of whiteness and sees it as seeking to minimize the impact of the pernicious exclusions and discriminations that people of color encounter on a day-to-day basis.
A closer examination reveals that it is more a particularisation of appropriate rules that have governed firearm use by police and the military in Britain, especially Northern Ireland, over many years.
Here the figure of the dog captures the tension between holding on and letting go, particularizing the struggle to comprehend what love isn't and is.
SCL's claims were particularised in detail in each of the RODs.