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particularity / особенность, специфика, тщательность
имя существительное
feature, peculiarity, singularity, characteristic, particularity, trait
thoroughness, accuracy, rigor, exactness, particularity, elaboration
имя существительное
the quality of being individual.
the central figures of his novels are stripped of their particularity
In its attention to detail, particularity and relations, Confucianism comes close to the same result.
The tendency over recent years has been to pursue with increasing sophistication a greater degree of particularity and precision.
parties must present their case with some degree of accuracy and particularity
The reason advanced by Braehead for the lack of particularity is that it has not had access to the detailed records that are necessary to provide full particulars.
A living will also allows a person to state with particularity the forms of treatment which are wanted and not wanted.
The intensity and extremity of this expansion of experience is paralleled by the deepening of communion, by which particularity and individuation are shared with others.
the central figures of his novels are stripped of their particularity
The exact words must be set out with reasonable certainty, clarity, particularity and precision.
Hence, rather than being totally obliterated by the Western consumerist forces of sameness, local difference and particularity still play an important role in creating unique cultural constellations.
Specifics are everything here: meat genealogy, breed pedigree and feed quality, the entire inventory of pointless, snobby particularity .