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participation / участие, соучастие
имя существительное
participation, involvement, share, stake, partaking, concern
complicity, participation, abetting, implication, fellowship, privity
имя существительное
the action of taking part in something.
participation in church activities
The people's participation in the debate is a positive thing regardless of what side they support.
the scheme is based on employer participation
The new owners' mammoth debts make prolonging participation in Europe even more of a necessity.
This requires community or national participation in the selection process.
Women's participation in sport has increased at a faster rate in wealthy countries than in poor ones.
the scheme is based on employer participation
Caring about the community in which you live is the first step towards participation in formal democracy.
The Government may make a contribution to encourage participation in the scheme.
About fifteen submissions will be selected for participation in the show.
Americans engage in other forms of political participation in even fewer numbers than they vote.