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participate / участвовать, принимать участие, соучаствовать
participate, take part, share, run, contest, have part
принимать участие
participate, take part, partake, share, assist, be a party to
take part.
thousands participated in a nationwide strike
have or possess (a particular quality).
both members participate of harmony
Failure to do so will be taken to mean that the clubs involved will not participate .
Parents need to engage with sport and encourage their children to participate .
both members participate of harmony
Join now and participate in the first contest to win Collectible Swept Away Posters!
both members participate of harmony
Finally, if you are fortunate enough to be able to participate in an employee share scheme, do so!
The fact is that, in the last two decades of the twentieth century, eighty-one countries have shifted markedly in the direction of participative government and representative political institutions.
The organisation is dedicated to the achievement of the full social, economic and educational integration of people with disabilities as equal, independent and participative members of the general community.
Although the participatory approach can be useful as a starting point, showing how it has been used successfully would have been much more helpful.
‘Compared with our existing lunchtime lectures and conversations with artists, this programme will be more participative , more in depth and dealing with more general themes,’ says Baker.