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partiality / пристрастие, склонность
имя существительное
partiality, predilection, bias, taste, propensity, weakness
tendency, propensity, inclination, penchant, addiction, partiality
имя существительное
unfair bias in favor of one thing or person compared with another; favoritism.
an attack on the partiality of judges
The book is partial, but its partiality comes with a well-measured increment of historical judgment about the conceptual and experimental developments in the life sciences during the course of the 20th century.
Thus, I would probably end up in Internal Medicine, which I don't have much partiality towards.
an attack on the partiality of judges
Indeed, he seemed to have a special partiality for Clara, slipping her a sweet when the grown-ups weren't looking with a mysterious wink out of his lone eye.
The fact that, in the course of a five hour deliberation, Mrs. Smith expressed strong views in favour of a recommendation of dismissal is not indicative of partiality .
Of course, the Government is utterly indifferent to the problem of apparent bias or apparent partiality in a court.
In those days, I remember developing a partiality for coffee with milk.
The fact that we were dealing with professionals, including RNs, physicians, architects, and designers, did not mean that their behaviors were without bias or partiality .
Your bias is transparent and your partiality is complete.
The Swadeshi Eco-shop looks set to become the one-stop shop for those who have a partiality for village-industry products, ‘natural’ goods unadulterated in any manner.