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parse / разбор, структурный анализ
имя существительное
parsing, analysis, parse, examination, dissection, investigation
структурный анализ
делать грамматический разбор
analyze (a sentence) into its parts and describe their syntactic roles.
They can parse complex words and sentences; but this parsing takes more work than reading simpler, clearer prose.
имя существительное
an act of or the result obtained by parsing a string or a text.
There were people who knew there were problems with the parse , but they weren't security people, so they didn't know it was a security problem.
For instance, although Perl makes it easy to parse delimited text files with regular expressions, OCaml provides tools specifically designed for writing a compiler.
A grammarian would be challenged to parse that sentence.
he has always been quick to parse his own problems in public
It was as far as discussing this any further with the press, he did discuss it with law enforcement and I'm not going to parse what the police chief has said.
At a deeper level, however, it's just impossible to parse out well-justified motivations from poorly-justified motivations.
The memory usage of a parse tree is the maximum number of incomplete nodes at any point in the parse .
I asked a couple of students to parse these sentences for me
But I learned how to parse a sentence, what the base pairs of DNA were, and I can still remember most of my French irregular verbs.
The classicists must have been boring their mates with this fact every four years for as long as they could parse a sentence.
So instead to trying to parse the sentences as I read, I'm just reading.