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parotid / околоушная железа
имя существительное
околоушная железа
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
relating to, situated near, or affecting a parotid gland.
The right parotid duct is grazed in this cut.
Plain radiograph films may show air in the soft tissue and may even outline the course of the parotid duct.
The patient should be examined for evidence of other causes of lower facial weakness such as intracranial or parotid lesions or Lyme disease.
The major salivary glands are the parotid , submandibular, and sublingual.
The right parotid duct is grazed in this cut.
The results of the fitting procedure indicated that, in both pancreatic and parotid cells, the apical regions had higher receptor densities than the basal regions, a result consistent with experimental data.
The residual mass and pain in the parotid promptly resolved, and after 4 cycles of therapy, the liver lesions were no longer visible on computed tomographic scan.
A useful guide to whether a patient has parotid enlargement is to look for outward deflection of the ear lobe, which is seen in true parotid swelling.
The parotids were firm, nontender, and enlarged, especially the left side obscuring the mandibular angle.
In rare cases, mumps will attack other groups of salivary glands instead of the parotids .
Bilateral slow-growing enlargement of the parotids is a classic, but not common, finding in sarcoidosis.