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paronym / пароним, омофон
имя существительное
homophone, paronym
имя существительное
a word that is a derivative of another and has a related meaning.
“wisdom” is a paronym of “wise.”
‘preface’ is a paronym of Latin ‘prefatio’
“preface” is a paronym of Latin “prefatio.”
‘wisdom’ is a paronym of ‘wise’
The serene Mexican peak, however, sprawls some lava from time to time, however its Bulgarian paronym is part of the colossal play with words, which deluges the Bulgarian Orthodox homeland for an entire month already.
“wisdom” is a paronym of “wise.”
Its adjectival paronym poneroi is used of the people of Sodom at Genesis 13: 13, while the verbal form ponereusesthe is employed by Lot to characterize the intentions of the men of the town at Genesis 19: 7.