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parlour / кабинет, зал, гостиная
имя существительное
cabinet, parlor, parlour
hall, parlor, saloon, saloon car, saloon carriage, parlour
living room, lounge, drawing room, parlor, salon, keeping room
имя существительное
a sitting room in a private house.
The entryway was warm and welcoming, with a hat tree off to the left of the door and a sitting parlor to the right.
a shop or business providing specified goods or services.
an ice cream parlor
a room or building equipped for milking cows.
Many insecticides used for livestock insect control are restricted for use in milking parlors and on lactating dairy cattle.
имя прилагательное
denoting a person who professes but does not actively give support to a specified (especially radical) political view.
parlor libertarians
Another reason for cows producing more is that the music may dull any bangs or other noises in the parlour , which might upset them.
The growth and development of Munster is illustrated in a series of scale models found in the Stadt Museum, built round a tempting ice cream parlour and above shops.
The Mayor and Mayoress, Mrs Doreen Morris, will host a reception in the parlour for guests before the Remembrance Sunday service followed by lunch at the Bolton Artillery Barracks.
Those unable to attend were invited to the mayor's parlour to accept the gifts.
She withdrew to the empty parlour , unlocking the door with one of her dress pins.
With all family hands on deck, by mid October the installation of the plant had commenced and by the end of January cows were being milked in the new parlour .
The council would like to develop the building into a hall for up to 100 people, a council chamber, exhibition area with a bar and a mayor's parlour .
Another item of interest the team will inspect is a small silver-encased prayer book in the mayor's parlour - Queen Katherine Parr's Book of Devotions.
A visit to the Mayor's parlour in the town hall provided just one of many cross-Atlantic experiences for exchange teacher, Miss Barbara Miller.
This meant that she greeted the LVA in the mayor's parlour , and then saw them leave to enjoy the boxing without her.