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parlay / пари, ставка
имя существительное
bet, betting, wager, parlay, lay
rate, bet, General Headquarters, stake, wager, parlay
держать пари
bet, wager, parlay, lay a bet, put a bet, place a bet
делать ставку
stake, parlay, field
имя существительное
a cumulative series of bets in which winnings accruing from each transaction are used as a stake for a further bet.
The book includes several articles that include discussions of betting the side-total parlay and betting NBA futures.
turn an initial stake or winnings from a previous bet into (a greater amount) by gambling.
it involved parlaying a small bankroll into big winnings
Think about the thousands of bettors who risk their hard-earned money on meaningless regular season hockey games, hoping to hit the elusive six-team parlay and bring a little joy into their otherwise excitement-less lives.
Here's to hoping you nailed a two-team parlay and have a lot of confidence as we await Sunday's Week 12 games.
While Hecht stresses that the investment came with no strings attached, it's clear that some foreign investors are hoping to parlay their investments into jobs or some other form of economic payback for their countries.
All that most of them can hope for is to parlay their film work into lucrative nude dancing careers or Internet fan sites.
There were still some situations in which a parlay paid more than the double.
Through such deals, Pat has been able to parlay her talent as an artist into a substantial business.
Lines to the betting counters are odysseys unto themselves, and open seats in any good sports book are rarer than a winning four-team parlay .
The initiatives continue Waterford's ongoing efforts to parlay its heritage as a premier crystal/china manufacturer into a broad spectrum luxury-lifestyle brand.
Mateo, 24, could parlay that performance into a spot on the Reds' bench as a fourth outfielder.
The UK property market is so relatively inflated that you can parlay your assets into some stunning place in the sun, and ever more of us are doing so.