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parlance / манера выражаться, манера говорить, способ выражения
имя существительное
манера выражаться
parlance, diction
манера говорить
speech, tongue, utterance, parlance
способ выражения
term, parlance
имя существительное
a particular way of speaking or using words, especially a way common to those with a particular job or interest.
dated terms that were once in common parlance
dated terms that were once in common parlance
They have become far too acceptable in common parlance on a regular basis.
I am all for American regional cookery and the trappings of taste, custom, and parlance that go with each.
In common academic parlance , a removal from the classroom, even if with full pay, is a suspension.
More crucially, who decided that these words could be used in common parlance without explanation?
Then of course we have the emergence of words like funner and funnest into common parlance .
It is common parlance and part of our living language.
It is the pragmatic, common sense solution, known in cemetery parlance as ‘lift and deepen’.
medical parlance
Perhaps in ordinary parlance this is disclosure of confidential information in the interests of the bank.