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parkway / аллея, парковая дорога
имя существительное
alley, avenue, walkway, lane, alleyway, parkway
парковая дорога
имя существительное
an open landscaped highway.
But I refuse to be a part of the madness that takes over the parkways and highways on the day after Thanksgiving.
Mr. Rockwell turned out of their street and took a right on the parkway .
Most of the parkway will be open on schedule May 20, with some of the eastbound bridges due to open a month late and the westbound bridges due to open about six months behind last month's original completion date.
In July 2004, a slab falling off a deteriorated bridge in New York City critically injured a motorist on the parkway below.
He planned to fill 172 acres of its bay side and reclaim enough land from all sides of the harbor-even at the foot of the bluffs of the north shore for a scenic parkway for automobiles along the waterfront.
I just wanted to get a look at what kind of person drove that slow on the parkway .
He pulled out of the parkway and onto the freeway.
Find a shady residential street or a parkway near a lake or creek.
The Civilian Conservation Corps was also responsible for the parkway through this area.
District councilman Lake Ray said the parkway eventually would connect Monument Road to the Arlington Expressway.
You're driving down the parkway , heading to the beach, listening to the radio.