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parkland / парк, парковые насаждения
имя существительное
park, fleet, parkland, garden, stock, yard
парковые насаждения
имя существительное
open land consisting of fields and scattered groups of trees.
I wonder if a future U.S. President will open up national parklands to oil drilling.
The walk will follow paths crossing 1,500 acres of parkland , woodland and farmland and is suitable for everyone.
In glorious sunshine, the attractive parkland , which features woodland and a lake, was an attractive place to spend a day.
Norfolk's feral birds haunt lakes and stretches of river in wooded parkland , the Broads and Breckland meres.
The state government has announced it will purchase the $15 million waterfront industrial site and return it to public parkland .
I think the area has to be declared a dedicated parkland .
But the new community will not just be a sea of houses with at least half the site earmarked to form open spaces and parkland .
The setting is glorious, in the shadow of Mount Nephin, surrounded by 150 acres of parkland and woodland that extends to the shores of Lough Conn.
If it's a success and chooses to expand, what of the neighbouring trees and parkland ?
Furthermore, changes in treeline can adversely impact some plants and wildlife that depend on open parkland .
Aged care facilities will be banned from Callan Park if amendments made to a State Government bill to protect the parkland are passed.