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park / парк, заповедник, место стоянки автомобилей
имя существительное
park, fleet, parkland, garden, stock, yard
reserve, preserve, sanctuary, conservation, park, reservation
место стоянки автомобилей
leave, forsake, abandon, let, give up, park
ставить на стоянку
имя существительное
a large public green area in a town, used for recreation.
a walk around the park
an area devoted to a specified purpose.
an industrial park
(in a car with automatic transmission) the position of the gear selector in which the gears are locked, preventing the vehicle's movement.
I jammed the gear shift into park and jumped out of the car, wiping my pants off.
bring (a vehicle that one is driving) to a halt and leave it temporarily, typically in a parking lot or by the side of the road.
he parked his car outside her house
I shifted the Anglia back into park then climbed out and went over to Jill's vehicle.
She stopped the Cadillac and shifted the gear into park before turning to face me with a softened look of concern shining through her dark brown eyes.
More than 2500 hectares of park and Commonwealth lands were burnt out, however no buildings were lost or persons injured.
That happened even though RFK Stadium was a big park , and the humid air in Washington didn't help the ball carry.
Incongruously, The Lost World is located in a bowling alley in a retail park on the outskirts of Croydon.
The car park of Morrisons often suffers from overflow car parking with shoppers having to park on side roads close to Morrisons which creates more congested local roads.
a walk around the park
Not to mention he accomplished this playing his home games in Yankee Stadium, a difficult park for righthanded hitters.
But there would have to be ‘safe harbour’ products where those who job hop continually could park their benefits.
a coach park