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parish / приход, округ, прихожане
имя существительное
coming, parish, arrival, advent, receipt, incoming
district, county, region, parish, circuit, circle
congregation, parish, people
имя прилагательное
parish, parochial
имя существительное
(in the Christian Church) a small administrative district typically having its own church and a priest or pastor.
a parish church
Readings and Prayers of the Faithful were done by parishioners from all churches in the parish .
For the past twelve years, I served as the pastor of a large parish in the heart of Chicago.
Each diocese was then divided into parishes, with each parish containing just one church.
They worry over the fact that their parish now has one priest though it formerly had three.
a parish church
a parish councillor
a parish church
Six Colorado parishes have left the church to join the Anglican Mission in America, the organization headed by the two bishops ordained in Singapore.
I know that some of the folks in outlying parishes here in Louisiana are wondering whether or not people are paying attention to them.
But you have to understand, inside the parishes of Louisiana, most of those city governments were victims.