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pariah / пария, отверженный
имя существительное
pariah, outcast, castaway, outcaste
pariah, castaway, castoff, outlaw, derelict, offcast
имя существительное
an outcast.
they were treated as social pariahs
a member of a low caste in southern India.
Such extreme views, however, have not made him a social pariah .
By today's standards, the Roman Empire would be an international pariah .
He was a pariah in the international community.
So now I'm not only a big fatty, I'm also a social pariah , am I?
Spring allergies will be mistaken for deathly disease and your runny nose will make you a social pariah .
Racist jokes that would make one a social pariah in the United States are told boldly on television.
The regime should be treated as a pariah , not just as a hostile but recognizable political competitor.
There's no end to the advantages of being an international pariah .
Eventually, she turned her back on society, becoming the social pariah that she is now.
So everyone - or nearly everyone - makes sure to bring someone along as a security blanket, so they don't look like social pariahs .