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parenthesis / интермедия, вводное предложение, вставной эпизод
имя существительное
interlude, sideshow, intermezzo, parenthesis, turn
вводное предложение
вставной эпизод
имя существительное
a word, clause, or sentence inserted as an explanation or afterthought into a passage that is grammatically complete without it, in writing usually marked off by curved brackets, dashes, or commas.
The practice in writing and print of using a set of marks to regulate texts and clarify their meanings, principally by separating or linking words, phrases, and clauses, and by indicating parentheses and asides.
the three months of coalition government were a lamentable political parenthesis
the three months of coalition government were a lamentable political parenthesis
in a challenging parenthesis, Wordsworth comments on the evil effects of contemporary developments
Even if the subordinate clauses open up a parenthesis that seems to last for ever, they do close, eventually, in a completed thought.
The second and third dashes are problematic in that they appear in the same extended sentence and suggest a parenthesis when in fact they function independently: they interrupt and separate rather than link.
As political correctness irons out the parenthesis of prejudice, there will always be a special, sour dispensation for Bismark's baby; hating the Hun is perhaps the only thing that truly emulsifies the rest of us.
Was it an interlude, a parenthesis , a hiccup, an embarrassment, or a beginning?
Further references to this essay are included in parentheses in the text.
If you are printing text, you include the text between the parentheses and within double quotes.
The parentheses are in the original and mark controversial phrases not yet decided upon.