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parentage / происхождение, отцовство, родословная
имя существительное
origin, descent, birth, genesis, background, parentage
paternity, fatherhood, parenthood, parentage
pedigree, genealogy, ancestry, lineage, bloodline, parentage
имя существительное
the identity and origins of one's parents.
a boy of Jamaican parentage
a boy of Jamaican parentage
In a smaller community, the members of a subculture - all four of them - would be known by name, background and parentage .
Apparently, the media knew Aaron had secretly given his servant a child to care for, but they mistook the boy's parentage .
Or would they adopt the Nazi model and look at parentage to establish how English someone's heritage was?
this ice cream boasts American parentage
Most often, children of dual racial parentage are identified with whichever race their physical features most reflect.
Each of the 85 varieties profiled is given its own page, illustration and description of its parentage .
Well his background, his parentage and his ancestry was Jewish.
Indeed, common place of origin is often connected with genos, one's origins by common descent and parentage .
In contrast, we quantified the activity of PDC in root tissues from a much larger number of tolerant and intolerant rice lines with a shared parentage .