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parent / родительский, исходный
имя прилагательное
parental, parent
original, initial, parent, departure, opening
имя существительное
parent, father, procreator
ancestor, parent, predecessor, forefather, forebear, father
cause, reason, why, root, ground, parent
forefather, parent
имя существительное
a father or mother.
the parents of the bride
be or act as a mother or father to (someone).
the warmth and attention that are the hallmarks of good parenting
we are losing our intuitive ability to parent
In Pegler's language, controllable capital employed is capital within its control as a subsidiary, as opposed to capital under the control of the parent company.
policy considerations were determined largely by the parent company
An adopted child is deemed to be a descendent of his adoptive parent or parents.
Although the Susquehanna retained its separate corporate status, it was no longer able to set lower rates and in business and operating terms increasingly became a subsidiary of the parent company.
We constructed plasmid fusions by cloning the promoter regions of the wild-type parent and the inversion mutant onto the pRS550 plasmid.
Most of these services are municipally organized, but some take the form of nonprofit foundations, private companies, and parent cooperatives.
A possible explanation of the correlation is that a large part of trade is composed of intra-firm trade, e.g. trade between a subsidiary and its parent company.
Marsh is relying on the corporate clients of its parent company to publicise its service, and expects that employees will view it as an additional voluntary benefit.
Sometimes the creditors will include the parent company or the subsidiary next up the line.