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pare / чистить, сокращать, урезать
clean, cleanse, peel, sweep, brush up, pare
cut, reduce, shrink, abbreviate, contract, pare
cut, cut down, curtail, skimp, truncate, pare
trim (something) by cutting away its outer edges.
Carlo pared his thumbnails with his knife
Barrett has the ability to really pare away the onion skins of the individual to show the true man inside.
pare off the rind using a peeler
pare off the rind using a peeler
Doctors take up knives and pare off flesh and bone.
My brand new trainers were completely wrecked with the imprints of red hot nails all over them, and it took me hours that afternoon to pare off all the blackened rubber with a knife to keep my parents from finding out.
Her prose is pared down to the bone, scarce on imagery and mostly journalistic.
Gradually, as a summer of physical hardship and anxiety and Stalinist betrayals gives way to the wholesale fight for survival, her language is pared down, as is her focus.
It would be the defendant's early application that the writ be pared down to a considerable extent to put it in terms that are able to be properly defended and pleaded to.
And so, what might have been a great interview, had it been pared down and edited, became… well, surreal.
The beauty of short stories is that they're pared down, more like a poem.