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parcel / пакет, посылка, сверток
имя существительное
package, packet, pack, batch, parcel, bundle
parcel, premise, package, premiss
bundle, package, parcel, roll, clot
partially, partly, part, in part, fractionally, parcel
делить на части
split, slice, parcel, section, intersect, parcel out
fraction, crush, divide, kibble, granulate, parcel
завертывать в пакет
имя существительное
a thing or collection of things wrapped in paper in order to be carried or sent by mail.
Viewers on either side of the world now share knowledge of these soft white papers, delicately wrapped parcels and small metal plates, the same shape as calling cards and full of curious codes.
a quantity or amount of something, especially as dealt with in one commercial transaction.
a parcel of shares
make (something) into a parcel by wrapping it.
he parceled up his only winter suit to take to the pawnbroker
a parcel of shares
Farming a small parcel of land Tom made a big name for himself as a water diviner with his services in big demand throughout the county.
Through hard work and perseverance he acquired a good parcel of land and farmed it for some sixty years.
When a parcel of real estate is being evaluated for possible purchase, use the assessment as an informational resource.
I cannot find your address in our back up folders, please could you send it to us, and we will put the parcel in the post today.
Stark says the turn of events is disappointing, and notes the land was the largest parcel in the area that doesn't require rezoning, a process that could take a couple of years.
Lans walked over to his bed, and picked up the parcel of paper.
In the end I did choose to use the Royal Mail service which enables you to collect the parcel from a local post office for a fee of 50p.
a parcel of shares
Suppose you owned a large parcel of land, which includes a large wooded area, home to an endanger species of owl.