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parasol / зонтик, зонтик от солнца, парасоль
имя существительное
umbrella, parasol, umbel, gingham, brolly, gamp
зонтик от солнца
parasol, sunshade
имя существительное
a light umbrella used to give shade from the sun.
As for the sun, I had a parasol ; it shaded my skin from the light.
a widely distributed large mushroom with a broad, scaly, grayish-brown cap and a tall, slender stalk, growing typically in grassy places.
The day of the election I picked and ate a delicious parasol mushroom - three months early.
As for the sun, I had a parasol ; it shaded my skin from the light.
The Casabianca Compact introduces a white-gloved, white-jacketed white servant as he extends a parasol to shade a handsome, stout black woman on a walk along the water.
Then there are those which seem more appropriate eaten in the shade of a tree or beneath a parasol : think cold salmon, delicate fruit fool or perhaps a crisp meringue hidden beneath a layer of thick cream and summer fruit.
That's called an umbrella, also sometimes known as a parasol or bumbershoot.
As they stepped out of the shade, she turned back to call Jenny for her parasol .
The parasol has silver lights underneath it and candles on the table.
From the top, this could be Macrolepiota rachodes, the shaggy parasol , edible and choice.
I opened my parasol and held it behind my head to shade me from the sunlight.
One team produces a garden parasol to offer shade.
I had only a little money with me, and I bought a parasol to shade my sunburned neck from the sun once we were back on the cattle drive.