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paraphrase / парафраз, пересказ, парафраза
имя существительное
paraphrase, circumlocution, circumbendibus
retelling, paraphrase, narration, rehearsal
paraphrase, circumlocution, circumbendibus
paraphrase, rehearse, retail
encipher, cipher, cypher, paraphrase
имя существительное
a rewording of something written or spoken by someone else.
In his early years as a teacher he wrote explanatory paraphrases of many of Aristotle's works, setting a pattern of exegesis which continued to be followed throughout the Middle Ages.
express the meaning of (the writer or speaker or something written or spoken) using different words, especially to achieve greater clarity.
you can either quote or paraphrase literary texts
The following is not a transcript, but a paraphrase of statements and positions.
It was that old newspaper trick of using single inverted commas, safe in the knowledge that most readers wouldn't know this meant it was a paraphrase .
you can either quote or paraphrase literary texts
you can either quote or paraphrase literary texts
Indeed, Digby, bravo on mastering the art of the paraphrase in mere weeks.
it is characteristic of poetic metaphors that they are not susceptible to paraphrase
That was my best paraphrase of all the CNA reports about the barrage.
He cannot get around that by saying he wrote a paraphrase down on a piece of paper.
Below is a bitty paraphrase of a section of the lecture, a section concerning Derrida.
This is a paraphrase , but it does convey the flavour.