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paraphernalia / принадлежности, личные вещи, личное имущество
имя существительное
accessories, materials, belongings, gear, paraphernalia, tackle
личные вещи
things, paraphernalia, personals, personalia, trap
личное имущество
имя существительное
miscellaneous articles, especially the equipment needed for a particular activity.
drills, saws, and other paraphernalia necessary for home improvements
At one event, a giant Christmas cracker had been lowered to the ground containing all manner of party paraphernalia including party balloons and hats.
Begrudgingly, the guru agreed and the priest left to collect the necessary paraphernalia .
Various other bits and pieces of paraphernalia or equipment in the process can be a source of infection for Hep-C as well.
Around £2,000 cash was also found along with drug paraphernalia including scales and cutting boards.
drugs and drug paraphernalia that had been discovered on the premises
We still have the human resources at all levels and we still have the equipment and paraphernalia for general elections.
A party ensued, with marquees blasting out music and a market area selling drugs and festival paraphernalia such as glow sticks.
Pro shooters walk around with those funny khaki vests with large pockets all over them stuffed with paraphernalia and lenses.
the rituals and paraphernalia of government
Drug paraphernalia and empty wine bottles lay strewn among layers of rotting food, dirty cardboard boxes and stinking blankets.