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parapet / парапет, бруствер, перила
имя существительное
parapet, sangar
parapet, breastwork, sangar
railing, handrail, rail, balustrade, banisters, parapet
имя существительное
a low protective wall along the edge of a roof, bridge, or balcony.
And it is true that the young have always been in love with edges, walking the parapet of a bridge when the pavement is right beside it.
A passing motorist found the car, which had hit the bridge parapet and rolled into a ditch near the river.
The steel-faced external wall extends into the house to mark the entrance, form a parapet and frame the fireplace.
But a wee warning for those who dare stick their heads above the parapet : look out, you'll need to be very thick-skinned!
But the prime minister may well be more willing to stick his head above the parapet after E - day, providing Britons have had the chance to see the euro at work.
They sat at one of the better tables up beside the parapet overlooking the courtyard.
When he looked again the water was as high as the peak of the parapet on the bridge, which is about 10 feet above the road.
The parapet is a steel-plated wedge with no need for handrails, and the boardwalk is gently inclined for wheelchair users.
After the World Cup debacle, a few brave men put their heads above the parapet to question whether the coach should be retained.
My first sight of a trench was of two greasy clay walls with a parapet on the top and duckboards on the bottom with men in it not looking very happy because it had been raining a lot.
The barbette mounted the gun on a pivot so that it could fire over a parapet .