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paramount / первостепенный, верховный, важнейший
имя прилагательное
paramount, overriding
supreme, sovereign, high, paramount, imperial, suzerain
paramount, primary, prime, cardinal, chief, capital
higher, supreme, top, high, upper, paramount
имя прилагательное
more important than anything else; supreme.
the interests of the child are of paramount importance
имя существительное
a city in southwestern California, southeast of Los Angeles; population 55,236 (est. 2008).
It is of paramount importance that the chairperson and the director work well together.
The role of the United States as a paramount power is somewhat comparable to Great Britain in the nineteenth century.
The requirement of absolute honesty so that there can be absolute trust in a solicitor is obviously of paramount importance.
Any major redevelopment of the south Sutton area is of paramount importance to all those who reside in the area.
Devotion to her religion was of paramount importance to her right up to the end.
At peak times, when children are going to or coming from school, their safety is of paramount importance.
Victory is paramount and anything that gets in the way is deemed the enemy that must be destroyed at all costs.
He said of paramount importance was the need for development of sport infrastructure in member states.
Economic growth is of paramount importance, and cutting taxes is the way to get it.
The planning of land is of paramount importance because you don't get a second chance.