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parameter / параметр
имя существительное
parameter, argument
имя существительное
a numerical or other measurable factor forming one of a set that defines a system or sets the conditions of its operation.
the transmission will not let you downshift unless your speed is within the lower gear's parameters
On the other hand, keeping m and n fixed for a few trials leaves a lot of room to experiment with the third parameter even for small values of m and n.
Such a ‘rate’ can be modeled statistically by the probability parameter of a binomial distribution.
This will remind test users that the reliability coefficient in hand is not the population parameter and that the reliability estimate is affected by sampling error.
As gene diversity is a continuous variable, the expected value of the parameter was calculated using a sliding window of 0.0125.
The x-axis is the value of the selection parameter in the PRF model under which the data were simulated.
The spiral pattern is sufficiently regular that it leads to a numerical parameter characteristic for the species, called its divergence.
The first circuit is configured to monitor an electrical operating parameter associated with operation of the CAN bus.
The normal curve approach to inference begins by asserting a null hypothesis that is expressed using population parameters .
Typically, polymorphism in a sample is needed to perform those tests and estimate population parameters .
The programming uses script files that contain specific system parameters to operate in each of these modes.