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paralyse / парализовать
paralyze, benumb, transfix, palsy, paralyse
cause (a person or part of the body) to become partly or wholly incapable of movement.
Mrs. Burrows had been paralyzed by a stroke
When it arrives I am so paralyzed with fear, I can't get on.
Corruption is very critical not just because it is economically critical and paralyzing our legal system, but it too has been gnawing at our ability to develop a sense of solidarity.
In rugby you were nearly always surrounded by others, you ran about in a throng; in cricket you were on your own - and never more paralysingly so than when Stanley Taylor was bowling at you.
But, together, the anesthetic paralyzes the body and lets the poison reek havoc.
When they put me in the an air tight cell, they put this device on my head that paralyzed my body.
It has partly paralyzed the right side of her body.
A stroke may have paralysed her body but Kate Thomas's mind is still ticking.
When he is not working, he is socially inept, almost paralyzingly paranoid, and more than a little bit strange.
When I emerged, I decided I had better get to work finding a new place to sleep because my room was paralyzingly cold.
What we are seeing is that individual application servers will trend toward 100% CPU usage over time - simply, the appservers get pegged and users on those servers encounter paralyzingly slow load times throughout the site.