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parallel / параллельно
parallel, in parallel
имя прилагательное
parallel, collateral, overlapping
analogous, analogical, parallel, analogic, duplicate
like, similar, alike, corresponding, another, parallel
имя существительное
analogy, parallel, correspondence, parity
параллельное соединение
parallel, bridge
accordance, conformity, correspondence, concordance, accord, parallel
параллельная линия
parallel, parallels
проходить параллельно
быть параллельным
проводить параллель
compare, liken, match, weigh, collate, parallel
correspond, match, meet, fit, conform, parallel
имя прилагательное
(of lines, planes, surfaces, or objects) side by side and having the same distance continuously between them.
parallel lines never meet
имя существительное
a person or thing that is similar or analogous to another.
a challenge that has no parallel in peacetime this century
each of the imaginary parallel circles of constant latitude on the earth's surface.
Central Australia was a formally separate entity from the rest of the Territory, marked by the twentieth parallel of latitude .
two parallel lines (‖) as a reference mark.
(of something extending in a line) be side by side with (something extending in a line), always keeping the same distance.
a big concrete gutter that paralleled the road
He lives in an England which lies in a universe which is parallel to ours - a world where Joshua Wagstaffe discovered aether in 1678.
Interestingly, these two currents in the study of US ethnic literatures correspond to a parallel divergence on questions of politics and aesthetics.
The relief effort, involving 31 countries and regions, is without parallel .
The phasic and tonic crayfish claw closer neurons have similar sized somata and parallel dendritic branching.
Combining elements of live improvisation with beat manipulation, Cinematic Orchestra creates soundtracks for movies that exist in some parallel universe.
There is a similar parallel between the revolution of 1399 which dethroned Richard II and that of 1688 which ended the reign of James II.
Those fabulous, hovering blocks of pure colour and intractable darkness - brooding encounters with the infinite - take the viewer beyond the art work into a parallel universe.
Lovecraft based a parallel Massachusetts on the existing one.
The lateral surface area of a spherical slice cut by two parallel planes is equal to the lateral surface area of the corresponding slice of the circumscribing cylinder.
A DVD drive doesn't need 150 mb/sec of bandwidth, so parallel ATA performance is good enough.