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paragraph / пункт, параграф, абзац
имя существительное
paragraph, item, point, clause, station, article
paragraph, section, article, item
paragraph, indent, indention, indentation, indenture, rubric
помещать маленькие заметки
разделять на абзацы
писать маленькие заметки
имя существительное
a distinct section of a piece of writing, usually dealing with a single theme and indicated by a new line, indentation, or numbering.
Also, does anyone know how to separate paragraphs with a line or something on a chapter?
arrange (a piece of writing) in paragraphs.
It would read even faster had he paragraphed the dialogue out, but then again, that would have doubled the length of an already weighty book.
to paragraph a text
Now go back and re-read the first paragraph or the next sentence will sound a little strange.
We agree with the views expressed in that paragraph but we emphasise that today we would not have allowed that appeal.
make sure you paragraph
It just took fifteen minutes to write that paragraph and I'm still not sure whether it makes any sense.
Entries are usually fairly short, maybe a sentence or a paragraph , but can be much longer.
the concluding paragraph
the information set out in paragraph 3
a new paragraph
In the first paragraph the trial judge accurately set out the first two issues.