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paraglider / параплан
имя существительное
paraglider, paraplane
It's much more difficult to learn to fly a hang glider than a paraglider .
The Attack Falcon is a joy to fly, but, of course, you want to stay in the lift, as the glide is not much better than you will find on the highest performance paragliders .
Similar to parachutes, paragliders do not have frames like hang gliders - only lines and canopy.
I have some experience flying paragliders although I have not yet completed my license.
In an item on extreme sports, Sophie went paragliding across the Yorkshire Dales and threw herself off the cliffs near Bridlington.
With the addition of parachutes, the sport of paragliding was born, giving gliders not only safety but also grace.
It takes quite a feat of the imagination to believe people have climbed, skied, boarded and paraglided off pretty much every summit you see
The sports he loved - skiing and paragliding as well as kayaking - were high-risk, but he pursued them in a way that was very safe.
In a one-day taster of paragliding with Active Edge, I manage to achieve several exhilarating flights, but not without some thorough grounding first.
Though I was going to save bungee jumping, canyoning and the rest of the wild stuff for when I wasn't playing at being an Edwardian vicar, I had decided that paragliding was a must.