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parade / парад, плац, показ
имя существительное
parade, review, march-past
ground, parade
show, display, showing, presentation, run, parade
выставлять напоказ
flaunt, parade, display, air, splurge, sport
march, parade, hike
имя существительное
a public procession, especially one celebrating a special day or event and including marching bands and floats.
The parade will set off from Victoria Square at 2.35 pm to walk through the town centre towards Bolton Parish Church in Churchgate for a service at 3pm.
a parade ground.
He was really funny, but laughing was forbidden on the parade square.
walk or march in public in a formal procession or in an ostentatious or attention-seeking way.
officers will parade through the town center
Later that day his body was delivered to the Spanish Army in a formal military parade .
the parade of Hollywood celebrities who troop onto his show
the recruits were due to parade that day
A giant community mural is the latest idea to perk up a shopping parade plagued by nuisance youths.
a shopping parade
They filled the parade square of Howe Barracks as the soldiers arrived by coach from nearby Manston Airport where they had touched down a couple of hours earlier after flying from Kuwait via Cyprus.
We are collecting photographs of the festival as a record and for future publicity and are particularly seeking good ones of the lantern parade .
It was tough concentrating, because there on the pavement was a non-stop parade of women who appeared to be lifetime members of the What Not To Wear Club.
Cleland took his cine camera and filmed the army parade in Red Square, and was astonished not to be arrested.
The military parade , a colourful pageant with troops, armoured vehicles and aircraft roaring overhead, continued uninterrupted.