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parachute / парашют
имя существительное
parachute, chute, brolly
имя прилагательное
parachute, pancake
сбрасывать с парашютом
спускаться с парашютом
имя существительное
a cloth canopy that fills with air and allows a person or heavy object attached to it to descend slowly when dropped from an aircraft, or that is released from the rear of an aircraft on landing to act as a brake.
Keahi would fly in low on autopilot, the five would throw out their heavy supplies on parachutes , then jump by parachute themselves.
drop or cause to drop from an aircraft by parachute.
airborne units parachuted in to secure the airport
appoint or be appointed in an emergency or from outside the existing hierarchy.
an old crony of the CEO was controversially parachuted into the job
In total, they had 10,000 men who could be dropped by parachute and they had a total attack force of 22, 500 men.
the planes came over the coast and started to drop supplies by parachute
Paragliding is the act of strapping on a parachute and running off the top of a cliff, where upward air currents fill the parachute and allow you to glide.
There are also attachments on the vest to enable the dog to be dropped by parachute , or hauled up via a rope.
the saviour of many pilots has been the parachute
an air operation to parachute relief supplies into the region
a parachute regiment
The other nine were able to safely parachute from the aircraft.
an air operation to parachute relief supplies into Bosnia
He was dropped by parachute at Arnhem and advanced into Germany.