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papilla / сосочек, бугорок
имя существительное
papilla, caruncle
tubercle, protuberance, papilla, knoll, prominence, mount
имя существительное
a small rounded protuberance on a part or organ of the body.
The size and shape of the foliate papillae on the posterolateral margins of the tongue are variable.
Within the dental papilla , the vessels are mostly orientated toward the cusp, but peripherally, fine-caliber vessels are observed.
In B. ipanemense, B. involutum and B. weddellii the papillose epidermal cells were densely stained, with basal nuclei and many droplets, as well as amyloplasts.
Amanda has papillary thyroid carcinoma and is seriously ill.
In M. meleagris, a species thought to be closely related to members of the M. cucullata alliance, the labellum is papillose and the conical papillae which have pointed tips resemble those of M. densa.
The results impressively demonstrated the importance of roughening on different length scales for water-repellency, since extremely papillose surfaces, having an additional wax layer, are able to resist up to 70% methanol.
When the flower opens, styles are short and the stigma papillae are undeveloped; pollen grains do not adhere.
In older patients obstructive nephropathy, urinary infection and papillary necrosis are common.
Diagnosis is made either by incisional biopsy or fine-needle aspiration, revealing spindle cells and papillary clusters.
Gross and histologic examination of the excised specimen revealed a pancreatic serous cystadenoma with multifocal papillae .
As the pollen presenters aged, the stigmatic papillae separated further forming a definite slit or groove.