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paperwork / письменная работа, канцелярская работа, проверка документации
имя существительное
письменная работа
paperwork, paper
канцелярская работа
paperwork, deskwork
проверка документации
имя существительное
routine work involving written documents such as forms, records, or letters.
I need to catch up on some paperwork
keep all the paperwork involved with any purchase, especially the invoice
I need to catch up on some paperwork
The best course of action is to ensure your paperwork is all present and correct at the time of submission.
I need to catch up on some paperwork
The survey showed paperwork and bureaucracy as the biggest causes of stress for teachers and school managers.
The whole scheme is designed to keep paperwork and bureaucracy to a minimum and I hope that between us we will do a better job in less time.
Campbell was also ruled to have distributed paperwork purporting to be internal party documents.
So next week they will go through routine paperwork , sign up to a code of conduct and even get e-mail addresses.
A high workload and masses of paperwork have been blamed for scores of dentists going private over the last decade.
When staff turned up early the next day there was no sign the work had been done or that paperwork had been completed.