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paperback / книга в мягкой обложке, книга в бумажной обложке
имя существительное
книга в мягкой обложке
книга в бумажной обложке
имя прилагательное
(of a book) bound in stiff paper or flexible cardboard.
имя существительное
a book bound in stiff paper or flexible cardboard.
I have to remind myself it was only a book - mass-market paperback , pristine condition though bought used.
He was reading a dog-eared Raymond Chandler paperback instead of the anatomy text he planned to study.
I guess you could print the whole book and read it that way, but the cost of printing would hardly be less than that of the high quality paperback .
The recently published paperback of Jackson's memoir is kinder to Bryant than the original hardback edition.
the paperback edition of her biography
Parsons says that as a rule of thumb, writers get 50p from every paperback sold and £1 for every hardback.
Each of them had the look and feel of a good trade paperback in a plain cover.
it's available in paperback
This yellowing paperback has sat on my book shelves since my student days.
When she got back, she quickly ran up to her room to grab the trashy romance paperback she'd brought along.
Every finished paperback , every empty packet of fags was normally followed by two or three kids rushing to sell me a replacement.