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paper-thin / бумага тонкая
имя прилагательное
extremely thin or insubstantial.
paper-thin pancakes
They can dip specially marinated paper-thin slices of an assortment of meat, seafood or vegetable using chopsticks or small baskets into the pot.
This is an egg cooked (by deep-frying) inside a triangle of paper-thin folded pastry, perhaps with a little tuna added.
Unfortunately, once the cinematographic tricks and impressive performances are stripped away, this is a film with a paper-thin plot and a hollow core.
They just keep raising their prices in hopes of increasing their profits above their current paper-thin margins, and failing.
A paper-thin semiconductor device, the solar cell has no moving parts.
I heard my mom yell up the stairs, at the top of her lungs, even though I could hear her through our paper-thin walls if she just spoke it.
In the press, flowers and leaves become delicate, paper-thin elements for decorating all kinds of projects.
Butterflies use their tiny, paper-thin wings in flight while searching for specific hosts for egg-laying.
What, for instance, is the point of making a paper-thin wafer of aubergine and laying it on top of a piece of foie gras when it is virtually inedible because it also tastes like paper?
The walls were paper-thin and I'd hear everything that went on when she came home from the pub after closing time.