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pap / пюре, кашка, легкое чтиво
имя существительное
puree, mash, purée, pap, squash
легкое чтиво
pap, slick fiction
gruel, paste, mush, pulp, squash, pap
nipple, teat, tit, dug, pap
имя существительное
bland soft or semiliquid food such as that suitable for babies or invalids.
trying to eat a trayful of tasteless pap
a woman's breast or nipple.
Gripping their wife's puny paps , withered by suckling babes, they reached for those firm round breasts which had known ought but a man's hunger.
a paparazzo.
take a photograph of (a celebrity) without permission.
she can't go to the gym or anywhere without being papped
I remember thinking the plot was sentimental, rubbishy pap .
limitless channels serving up an undemanding diet of pap
Therefore to stuff the baby with paps and slops is to deprive it of the most strengthening food; for if its stomach be filled with pap , there cannot be any room for food.
Anyone who's lived in the US and had to exist on the pap that passes for current affairs will share my fears for what the future holds for us.
At the age of 5 months, a baby should be given pap , besides breast milk.
They continue to resist the corporate juggernauts that routinely flatten talent into the pap of pop.
It's said that the mainstream media is increasingly dominated by corporate interests, political spin, and bread and circuses postmodern pap .
Such ingenuity and self-confidence should be applauded at a time when Hollywood churns out bland twentysomething pap at vast cost.
It's all bland, unoriginal pap that will only appeal to the nostalgia-seekers of the original BSB generation.
trying to eat a trayful of tasteless pap